We are a dynamic organization dedicated to the manufacture of hot and cold single use disposable paper cups and paper, packaging.Through our custom print designs with your logo or our packaging.Through our custom print designs with your logo or our, generic prints we strive to provide disposable packaging solutions that add value to our customer’s brand.

Inversiones Estrategicas is a group composed by 3 companies, Microplasticos who initiated operations in 1996 making plastic bags for the domestic market, Microenvases that initiated operations in 1998 producing disposable paper cups and paper packaging and Comercializadora de Plasticos that initiated operations in 2000 producing plastic lids.

We were certified in 2010 by the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001-2008 dedicated to satisfy the demands of the market through the creation and manufacturing of paper and plastic disposable products.

Our manufacturing facilities have been designed to accomplish the strictest standards of hygiene, safety and production process. Our strategic location allows us easy access to the principal ports and roads of the region offering short transit times for our customers in Central America, The United States of America, Mexico and TheCaribbean.


We are dynamic organization dedicated to the manufacture of disposable plastic and packaging that meet established quality standards; committed to our customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders.


We intend to be the best option in disposable packaging becoming strategic partners with our customers and suppliers partners, being recognized internationally for the quality and reliability of the products we manufacture and the professionalism and commitment of our human talent.


Provide our national and international customers with high quality disposable packaging, through appropriate technology and competent personnel to ensure the functionality, reliability and hygiene of our products at a competitive price, continuously improving our processes to meer the needs and expectations of our customers and shareholders, in compliance with applicable legal requirements.