About Us

We are a dynamic organization dedicated to the manufacturing of disposable plastic and cardboard packaging products. Through our generic and custom designed products we strive to offer disposable packaging solutions that add value to our customers' brand.

Inversiones Estratégicas is a group made up of three sister companies, Microplásticos, which began operations in 1996 manufacturing plastic bags for the national market; Microenvases, which began operations in 1998, manufacturing disposable cardboard cups and other cardboard packaging, and Comercializadora de Plástico, which begins operations in the year 2000 producing plastic lids for our cups.

We are certified with the quality standard ISO 9001 version 2015. With this, we can ensure a better understanding of the functions, strengthening teamwork, supporting each other to meet our objectives, and creating advantages such as improving customer satisfaction, productivity, and entry into new international markets.

Our current facilities have been designed by engineering professionals, taking into account the activity to which we are dedicated. They comply with the strictest standards of hygiene, safety and production flow. Our location allows us easy access to the main ports and highways in the region, offering short transit times for our clients in Central America, the United States, Mexico and Caribbean. Always focusing on high quality products has allowed us to find new markets, strengthening our presence through distributors located in each country.

Our Mission

We are a dynamic organization dedicated to the manufacture of disposable plastic and cardboard packaging that meets established quality standards; committed and responsible with our customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders.

Our Vision

To be the best option in disposable packaging, becoming strategic partners of our clients, suppliers and collaborators, being internationally recognized for the quality and reliability of the products we manufacture; and the professionalism and commitment of our human talent.

Quality Policy

To supply multinational and national companies in a timely manner with high quality disposable packaging, through the appropriate technology and competent personnel that guarantees the functionality, reliability and hygiene of our products at a competitive price, continuously improving our processes to meet the needs and expectations of our customers and shareholders, complying with the applicable legal requirements.

Quality Certification

The ISO 9001 version 2015 quality standard establishes requirements for a quality management system. Under the application of this norm, the organizations adapt their processes to satisfy the needs of their clients with high standards. 

Obtaining this certification meant a great compensation for the dedication and passion with which we improved the our functions, our reinforced teamwork, and our met ojbectives. 

This translates into increased productivity and customer satisfaction, allowing us to enter new international markets.

Environmental Responsibility

At Microenvases we are committed to achieving the efficiency of our processes, to make optimal use of natural resources. Each product is made with high-quality and eco-friendly raw materials, specially selected to meet recycling requirements. At the same time, we systematically control and recycle production surpluses according to local and international regulations, and those of our clients. Also, we implemented a 1.5 Megawatt photovoltaic system, thus avoiding the use of 8 thousand tons of CO2, which is equivalent to more than 360,000 trees planted.

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